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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - DECEMBER 3, 2005 - No. 34

  After two and a half years, over nine thousand of you have
  joined the Math Tools community, contributing just as many
  resources and discussion messages along the way. Thank you
  for everything that you bring to our work!

  As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate,
  possibly comment on, or review a resource -- or start a
  new discussion!

  Tool: Multichamp
  Paul Koning
  An online game to practice multiplication and division.

  Tool: Problem Solving with Circles
  SAT Math Pro
  High school level word problems, comparable to those found
  on SAT exams, related to circle geometry. Upon submitting
  an answer, the user will receive immediate feedback and the
  opportunity to view a step-by-step video solution.

  Tool: Fraction Sorter
  Shodor: Project Interactivate
  Graphically cut squares or circles into parts representing
  a fraction's denominator, then color in the correct portions
  to represent the numerator. Then order these fractions from
  least to greatest.

  Tool: Problem Solving in Coordinate Geometry
  SAT Math Pro
  Users solve problems related to concepts in coordinate
  geometry such as slope, y-intercepts, and linear equations.

  ***FEATURED TOOL (Spanish version of Factorize)
  Tool: Factorizar
  Shodor: Project Interactivate, with translation by Eduteka
  Aprenda sobre factores construyendo arreglos rectangulares
  en una cuadricula.

  Functions as objects?
  Susan asks, "I was wondering if there is a way to plot a
  function in Sketchpad, and then have it behave as an object."

  Pythagorean Tree Sketchpad help
  aterner explains, "I want to 'build' a Pythagorean Tree
  from scratch. I know that it will involve some iteration,
  but I can't get that command to be active. Does anyone have
  a lesson (including steps) to create the Pythagorean Tree?"

  Story: 2D/3D Function Plotter
  Jeff LeMieux
  Middle school teacher Jeff LeMieux writes about how he
  uses the JavaScript page of Patrick Dostert's 2D/3D Function
  Plotter with his students.

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