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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - FEBRUARY 5, 2005 - No. 23

  We have added a new Technology problem (tPoW) to Math Tools. Feel
  free to have students submit their solutions to us following
  the "Submit your answer" link.

  Technology PoW: Traffic Jam
  There are eleven stepping stones and ten people. On the five
  lefthand stones, facing the center, stand five of the people.
  The other five people stand on the five righthand stones, also
  facing the center. The center stone is not occupied. Find the
  fewest number of moves for the ten people to end up on the
  opposite side from where they started. A link to a Java applet
  is provided for students to try the idea with fewer people.

  Mathematical maturity and lower-order knowledge & skills
  Dave posted this assertion for discussion: "When referring to
  a piece of the math curriculum, if a computer can do it, it is

  Teaching Statistics: Differentiating and Simulating
  Craig asks, "Does anyone have any ideas about particularly
  effective activities involving technology to use in a high
  school Stats class?"

  Tool: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature
  Jill Britton
  This series of slides shows photographs and drawings of plants
  in nature that exhibit and demonstrate the Fibonacci series.
  Animations are also included to help the students see the
  spirals and the growth patterns.

  Tool: Slope
  Freudenthal Institute
  Students try to get a tangent line to a function at a point.
  They have the option of showing a difference quotient and
  zooming in.

  Tool: Building Houses
  Freudenthal Institute
  Provides a "building pad" for constructing block houses.
  Building pad is dynamic; top, front, and side views of
  constructed objects are shown.

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