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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MARCH 5, 2005 - No. 24

   We have added a new Technology problem (tPoW) to Math Tools.
   Feel free to have students submit their solutions to us
   following the "Submit your answer" link.

   Technology PoW: Runners
   Tell how a runner's step size predicts the time it takes
   to run from the building to the tree. A link to a Java
   applet from NCTM's "Electronic Examples, Principles and
   Standards for School Mathematics" is provided to help students
   think about the problem.

   Tool Usage Sites
   Tackweed asks, "Would those of you who have current web pages
   where various math tools are used by classes/students please
   provide the url? I am looking for specific tool use in context
   as opposed to listings of tools."

   Mrs. J comments, "I have noticed over the last few years that
   students are having more difficulty with the concept of formulas.
   Am I alone or have others seen this problem?"

   The NEW Classroom
   Susan asks, "I have a friend who has the opportunity to give input
   on purchases for all the new mathematics classroom.  What should
   she buy in the way of technology? Think ten years out because
   the funds may disappear!"

   Activity: A Lulu of a Function
   Craig Russell
   This activity guides exploration of functional aspects of the
   Lulu microworld. Functions called for are not y = f(x) functions;
   domains/ranges are either directions or coordinates of points.

   Activity: Analysis of Bivariate Data Using Fathom
   Freudenthal Institute
   The resource consists of a series of linked concept maps
   that lead students through steps of importing and analyzing
   two-variable data using Fathom. Students follow illustrated
   steps to import data from Internet sites, create graphs,
   calculate statistical measures, and create a report. A further
   data set is assigned for a project to be handed in using the
   same steps. Designed for Ontario Curriculum Grade 12 Data
   Management (MDM 4U0).

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