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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - APRIL 1, 2006 - No. 38

   Texas Instruments is offering at no charge their T^3 Online


   The list of online courses includes:

     - Geometry with Cabri Jr. and the TI-84 Plus
         Offers techniques to incorporate the TI-84 Plus and
         Cabri Jr. into geometry lessons.
     - Middle Grades Mathematics Using the TI-Navigator
         Incorporate TI-Navigator into middle grades
         mathematics classes.
     - Algebra Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
         Self-paced course offers new ideas for using
         technology as a teaching tool.
     - Calculus Using the TI-89
         Enhance students' learning of calculus using the TI-89.
     - High School Mathematics Using the TI-Navigator
         Learn to incorporate TI-Navigator into mathematics
     - Calculus Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
         Techniques using the TI83 Plus/TI-84 Plus are
         illustrated with standard calculus problems.
     - Vernier/T^3 Introduction to Scientific Data Collection
       and Analysis
         Incorporate TI Data collection technology into the
         science curriculum.

   After taking a free workshop, come post ratings and reviews
   of TI resources, share lesson plans and activities, and
   tell stories. From the Math Tools index of all content on
   the TI calculator, click on a highlighted tab's "More: lessons,
   discussions, ratings, reviews,..." and then choose links
   between the two thick grey lines.

   Browsing: All Content on TI Calculator,ALL,ALL,dd/


   tPoW: Patio Stones
   Suzanne Alejandre
   How many stones did Kathy need to buy to pave an area
   in her yard?

   Tool: Flow Rates
   Maryland Virtual High School
   This simulation explores the rate of flow of a liquid
   through a burette. Students may work through a series of
   provided questions by adjusting initial volume, inflow,
   and outflow coefficients.

   Tool: Three Scientists and Three Bandits
   F. Permadi
   A river-crossing problem in which the goal is to get both
   scientists and bandits across without having the bandits
   outnumber the scientists on either side of the river during
   the process.

   Tool: Deer Population
   Maryland Virtual High School
   Explore examples of exponential growth and decay, bounded
   growth, and carrying capacity in this simulation of the
   effects of birth and death rates and food supply on a deer
   population. Includes questions to guide students' explorations.

   Looking for feedback to improve Graph Mole
   SulanDun writes, "I'm looking for feedback from anyone who
   teaches graphing (x,y) points on the coordinate plane."

   MIMIO versus Smart Boards
   Clyde asks, "What are the pros and cons for Mimio over Smart Board?"

   Web Logs ("blogs") for teaching and learning mathematics
   Craig writes, "Frances Harris (our librarian, and author of
   the book 'I Found It On The Internet') recently showed me what
   appears to be an effective use of a web log as a teaching tool
   for a Canadian math teacher, Darren Kuropatwa. I encourage you
   to investigate what this teacher has done, and to comment on it
   in this discussion."

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