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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - DECEMBER 2, 2006 - No. 46

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   Tool: Personal Shopper
   James Malazita, Gwen Roberts, Josh Fisher
   The Personal Shopper game uses shopping and money-handling
   in order to reinforce the idea of proportional reasoning.
   The gameplay involves the player being given a certain
   amount of money, and a percentage of that money is to be
   spent on various items.

   Tool: Math Football
   Iris Howley, Stephen Hurwitz, Bob O'Brien
   Users respond to questions involving percentages or
   percentage increase in order to have their football
   advance to the touchdown zone. Questions range from
   easy to hard.

   Tool: Ameba
   AJ Beyer, Russell Falk, Greg Lynch
   Ameba is designed to help students gain a better
   understanding of ratios and proportions. Students are
   asked to eat a given amount of dots in reference to the
   total number of dots on the board. The total number of
   dots may not always be equivalent to the denominator in
   the ratio. Students will need to use proportions and the
   understanding of equivalencies between two ratios to make
   the highest score.

   Tool: Using a Protractor, animated demo - Math Open reference
   John Page
   An interactive applet and associated web page that provide
   step-by-step animated instructions on how to measure angles
   using a protractor. Specifically, the applet uses a protractor
   to measure two angles that form a vertical pair, verifying
   they have the same measure.

   Tool: Algebraic Reasoning
   Colleen King
   This program introduces students to fundamental concepts
   in algebra. Using two or three weighing scales, students
   must determine the weight of a specific object or group of
   objects. The program provides three levels of challenge.

   Susan asks, "Has anyone ever set up a wiki page?  Is it
   hard to do?  How have you used it in your classes?"

   Materials in Probability and Statistics on Excel
   McSCM asks, "Who knows (inexpensive) add-ons regarding
   materials in probability and statistics, for Excel?"

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