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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - FEBRUARY 4, 2006 - No. 36

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  tPoW: Building a House
  Suzanne Alejandre
  Use a Java applet from the Freudenthal Institute to help
  find the largest number of cubes and the smallest number
  of cubes to make the house pictured in the problem.

  Activity: Triangle Geometry
  eNLVM (Utah State University)
  This eModule presents real-world problems that motivate
  students to work with triangle geometry. Interactive worksheets
  and diagrams with feedback help students learn to solve for
  unknown angles and sides of triangles.

  Tool: Conic Sections
  Tom Leathrum
  This applet allows the user to vary parameters in the
  "generalized" conic equation, ax^2 + bxy + cy^2 + dx + ey + f = 0,
  as well as displace graphs. Instructions and some discussion

  Tool: Interpolation and Extrapolation: What is the Difference?
  Scott A. Sinex
  The "interpolate or extrapolate" worksheet allows students
  to discover the difference between the two terms graphically
  with only an understanding of the equation of a line. The
  "aluminum can data" worksheet, which assumes students are
  familiar with linear regression, then explores the dangers of
  extrapolation as the linear model appears to breakdown. The
  instructions for usage are all included on each worksheet plus
  additional information given via comment cells.

  Tool: Recursion
  Shodor: Project Interactivate
  This activity graphs recursive functions of the form f(0) = C,
  defining f(n) based on f(n - 1).

  Tool: Math Doodles: Double Traits
  Daren Carstens
  Each figure is made up of three traits: shape, number, and
  color. Click on any two figures to trade their locations.
  Rearrange the figures in the grid so that figures bordering
  each other share at least two traits. Earn points for every
  figure that is part of a network linked to the center figure
  on the grid.

  All Lesson Plans in Algebra on Computer
  Lil asks, "Has anyone tried any lessons using the Shodor
  program? If so, how did it go? Any tips? I am still trying
  to come up with an effective lesson for 8th grade Algebra

  Demise of Green Globs
  David Sunburst replies, "I spotted this thread and thought
  you would like to know that we and the product's authors have
  just begun development on a Mac OSX version of Green Globs
  that we hope can be released sometime in 2006."

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