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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JANUARY 7, 2006 - No. 35

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  Activity: Graphing Points in the Plane
  Ursula Whitcher
  Instructions illustrating how to graph points in the plane.

  Tool: Chameleon Graphing Java Applet
  Pavel Safronov
  This Java applet was written for Chameleon Graphing, a unit 
  on coordinate graphing designed by Ursula Whitcher. Sam the 
  Chameleon illustrates graphing points in the plane. When 
  looking for a particular point, Sam moves along the x-axis 
  to reach the point's x-coordinate and then sticks out his 
  long tongue to reach the point's y-coordinate.

  Tool: Math Doodles: Number Jump
  Daren Carstens
  Smash the flies by maneuvering the ball along the number

  ***FEATURED TOOL (Spanish version of Venn Diagram Shape Sorter)
  Tool: Clasificador de figuras o patrones en el diagrama de Venn
  Shodor: Project Interactivate, with translation by Eduteka
  Consiste en clasificar formas coloreadas dentro de un Diagrama 
  de Venn. Adecuado para los grados de primaria.

  ***FEATURED TOOL (English version)
  Tool: Venn Diagram Shape Sorter
  Shodor: Project Interactivate
  Sort colored shapes into a Venn Diagram. Appropriate for
  elementary grades.

  Tool: Math Doodles: Time Shuffle
  Daren Carstens
  Navigate through a maze of clock faces to solve the puzzle.

  DE explains, "I am looking for a program that I can give 
  a few student who need to chart 3 different items, daily 
  for 1-5 months, from a -10 to +10 scores.  Does anyone have 
  anything that would be easy enough to do, for a 5, 6, and 
  7th grade student?"

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