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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MARCH 4, 2006 - No. 37    

Are you planning to visit St. Louis, Missouri, to attend   
the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 84th Annual   
Meeting, April 26-29, 2006? If you are, we'd love to have   
you stop by Booth 630 in the exhibit hall, or attend one   
of our sessions:                                       


To keep up with the growth of Interactivate, The Shodor   
Foundation seeks to change the site's underlying technology,   
as well as its browse and navigate features function.    
They invite users to peruse the prototype and complete a   
feedback form, which registers you in a drawing to win   
an iPod.                                    


As part of our participation in the Engaging People in   
Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC) project,   
we are cataloging Spanish versions of Interactivate that   
were translated by Eduteka. See the entire Spanish site at            

***FEATURED TOOL (Spanish version of Clock Arithmetic)   
Tool: Aritmetica del reloj   
Shodor: Project Interactivate, translated by Eduteka
Los estudiantes aprenden operaciones de aritmetica   
modular trabajando con diferentes tipos de relojes.   
Parametros: Numero de horas en el reloj.    

***FEATURED TOOL (English version)   
Tool: Clock Arithmetic   
Shodor: Project Interactivate
Students learn about modular arithmetic operations   
through working with various types of clocks. Parameters:   
Number of hours on the clock.    

***FEATURED TOOL (Spanish version of Venn Diagrams)   
Tool: Diagramas de Venn   
Shodor: Project Interactivate, translated by Eduteka
Los estudiantes aprenden a clasificar numeros en varias   
categorias respondiendo a preguntas acerca de los   
Diagramas de Venn.    

***FEATURED TOOL (English version)   
Tool: Venn Diagrams   
Shodor: Project Interactivate
This applet provides a series of Venn diagram questions.   
The user is given an object and must determine the region   
to which it belongs.

tPoW: Containers   
Chris DiGiano, Suzanne Alejandre, Gerri Allen, Seth Tager
Use two measuring cups of a particular size to figure out   
how to measure out other quantities.    

Graphing nth roots on TI-89
travrt explains, "Ok so I know how to enter in a nth root on   
a ti89, but it seems when I go to graph it I only get half of it?"    

Surface area and volume for prism
safa says, "I want to use computer to teach my students.   
Can you give me a link to help teach this unit?"    

Please Help!
Hugh writes, "I am completely lost when it comes to 'slope of   
a line.' Can anybody help?"    

Activity: Probability and Relative Frequency   
eNLVM (Utah State University)
Online unit that uses spinners, dice, box models, and   
scenarios to introduce and give students experience with   
probability. Covered concepts include outcome space, event,   
relative frequency, relative frequency, and the long run   
definition of probability.                     

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