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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MAY 6, 2006 - No. 39

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  tPoW: Tangrams
  Claire Mead
  Use an interactive applet to discover some of the
  relationships among the pieces in a set of Tangrams.

  tPoW: Temperature Change
  Judy Ann Brown and Suzanne Alejandre
  Use the given information to find the temperature.

  tPoW: Munching Bugs
  Lillian Ray
  Help Sam the Chameleon use a special rule to find
  the bugs he can eat.

  tPoW: Train Trouble
  Claire Mead
  How fast is the train moving to allow Herman and
  Sheila to each escape the tunnel?

  Tool: Parachute Drag
  Maryland Virtual High School
  Explore the effects of mass, displacement, and drag on the
  functioning of a parachute in this simulation.

  Tool: Pollution and Peppered Moths
  Maryland Virtual High School
  This model explores the effects of pollution and bird
  predation on the protective coloration of peppered moths
  (through directed selection). A series of questions guides
  students' explorations.

  natty writes, "I would like to know which kind of tech that
  I have to use in order to integrate the ... following equation..."

  Explorelearning science and math
  Susan asks, "Has anyone used any of the
  shockwave science applets to teach math topics?"

  Probability & Simultaneous Equations Java Applets
  Sione writes, "I have just put up two applets .... One applet
  is for Probability calculations, where it does experimental
  simulations, equally likely events, probability tree....The
  second applet is for solving step-by-step of a pair of
  simultaneous equations either by 'substitution' or
  'elimination' methods."

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