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      MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - OCTOBER 7, 2006 - No. 44

  As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
  resource, comment on it, review it -- or start a new

  murali99 asks, "Getting the students to complete the
  assignments and home work is getting difficult day after day.
  Any ideas to get it done easily?"

  K3DSurf: New 3D math tool
  nextstep announces, "I'm developing a new mathematic tool
  for drawing parametric equations. All your comments and
  suggestions are welcome."

  First Impressions of Dimenxian
  QB writes, "I think it's an interesting approach to students
  learning algebra.... I'd be curious to hear what you all
  think about this."

  Tool: Thinking Blocks: Addition and Subtraction
  Colleen King
  Learn how to solve word problems involving addition and
  subtraction. Organize story components into visual models
  that are easy to understand.

  Tool: Thinking Blocks: Multiplication and Division
  Colleen King
  Learn how to solve challenging multiplication and division
  problems by building simple math models.

  Tool: Function Grapher Applet
  Amir Rashedi
  With this one-variable function grapher applet and function
  evaluator, users can rotate axis/axes, change scale, and
  translate by using mouse or by entering data. The web site
  also contains information about functions, the coordinate
  system, and graphs of functions.

  Tool: Math Open Reference: Thales' Theorem
  John Page
  A web page and interactive applet illustrating Thales' Theorem
  (the diameter of a circle always subtends a right angle to
   any point on the circumference).

  Tool: Math Open Reference: Definition and properties of
    a Parallelogram
  John Page
  The applet shows a parallelogram where the user can drag any
  vertex. The other points then move in such a way that the
  figure remains a parallelogram at all times. A control to
  hide the details allows a classroom discussion where students
  can try to infer what the properties are as it is reshaped by
  the discussion leader.

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