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  Quincy Brown, a Post Baccalaureate PhD candidate in Computer
  Science at Drexel University, shares these Flash Activities
  that she developed with Annie Fetter, Math Forum staffer,
  and tested in a second grade classroom in Philadelphia.

    Number Grid, Level 1

    Number Grid, Level 2

    Number Grid, Level 3

    Number Grid, Level 4

    Number Grid, Level 5

    Number Triangle, Level 1

    Number Triangle, Level 2

    Number Triangle, Level 3

  Try Quincy's activities and please take a moment to
  rate them or other resources, comment on them, review
  them -- or start a new discussion!

  Smartboard and Geometric Constructions
  nickelljen asks, "Does anyone know if it is possible
  to do geometric constructions on a Smartboard? I just
  got the board this year and I can not find any
  information on it."

  Using Solver on TI-84
  Davem wonders, "Is there a way to store in memory the
  solution to an equation found using Solver, in order
  that it can be used in a follow-up calculation?"

  24 Game in Excel
  Don Link states, "Please take a look at my 24 Game
  implemented in Excel and give me any suggestions for
  improvement. Not only does it give random problems,
  it also displays all possible answers."

  Tool: Geo-Calc
  Macintosh shareware for calculating the area,
  perimeter, sides, angles, and other measures of two- and
  three-dimensional shapes such as ellipses, rectangles,
  triangles, trapeziums, parallelograms, polygons, prisms,
  cylinders, cones, pyramids, and spheres. If entered
  values do not describe a valid geometrical figure,
  Geo-Calc highlights the specific problem and suggests
  solutions. Also available in German and Norwegian.

  Tool: Let's Count!
  Click on the numbers and count the animals that
  are displayed.

  Tool: Manny's Rumba
  The Learning Box
  Given a target number in the form of an equation
  "Make x = (number) blocks," move the base ten blocks
  (ones or tens) to the area showing the target number.

  Tool: Pythagorean Theorem Lesson
  Angie Brock
  This interactive lesson (from eNLVM) compiles some of
  the resources found here in the Math Tools Digital
  Library and also off the Internet to teach about the
  Pythagorean theorem. Sections include Objectives,
  Introduction, Explore, Pythagorean Proof, Another Proof,
  Still Another Proof, Using the Pythagorean Theorem,
  Applications, Pythagorean Explorer, and Quiz.

  Tool: XP Math: Comparing Fractions
  T.L. Hui
  To compare fractions, you may either a) rewrite
  fractions with a common denominator, b) convert
  fractions into decimals, or c) compare their cross

  Tool: Vehicle Routing Problem Applet
  An applet showing a solution of the Vehicle Routing
  Problem with Time Windows using a Genetic Algorithm.
  Demo of a JAVA-based library to perform tour scheduling
  and resource optimization tasks.

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