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       MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JANUARY 6, 2007 - No. 47

   The Math Tools community now comprises 14,680 members and
   more than ten thousand tools. Thank you for everything
   that you bring to our work!


   The Math Open Reference project is an electronic web-based
   geometry textbook, designed to explore what lies beyond
   paper textbooks.

   It has two audiences:

     - teachers, who can use the interactive animations in a
       classroom to explore math more deeply than is possible
       with paper materials, and

     - students, who can research material at any time or
       place, seeing the same resources they saw in class.

   Although the Math Open Reference project was designed
   to be used in an integrated way, each topic can stand
   alone, so we've entered them individually into the Math
   Tools database. To view them, use the Search at the top
   of any Math Tools page and type the phrase "Math Open
   Reference." As of this writing, over 150 applets and
   associated pages have been entered, with more to come.

   Author John Page would like to receive feedback and
   comments on the material on the site. If you can help,
   please follow the feedback link on each Open Reference
   page. Specifically, comments on what should be added
   would be most welcome.


   We have recently added a new Technology Type to Math Tools
   named "Mobile Device." If you use the Browse pull-down
   window at the top of any Math Tools page you can view it
   near the bottom of the list.

   This addition was prompted by Michal Yerushalmy's
   submissions of the five tools from the Math4Mobile site.


   As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
   resource, comment on it, review it -- or start a new

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