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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2, 2007 - No. 52

   The MathMentor
   The Math Forum @ Drexel is offering the MathMentor, an
   online mentoring program that is designed to expand
   students' career aspirations and help them to develop
   interest in math, science and technology. Applications
   are currently being accepted.

   Free Online Professional Development Workshops
   Tools for Building Math Concepts
   This workshop sponsored by Microsoft Corporation introduces
   the use of computers to develop fundamental concepts of
   multiplication, fractions, division and area through the
   process of generating data and examining patterns.

   Free Online Professional Development Workshops
   Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic
   Teachers explore how technology can help students build
   algebraic reasoning as they model and solve contextualized
   problems using a variety of representations, including
   graphs, tables, equations, and words.


   As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
   resource, comment on it, review it -- or start a new

   Dan Hanson asks, "If anyone has used a Smart Board I'd be
   grateful for any advice or helpful URL's they could offer.
   I'm also interested in finding a way to emulate the TI-83+
   on a PC/SmartBoard."

   Mathematica in Secondary Education
   Craig states, "Mathematica is a very powerful, and somewhat
   expensive, tool for doing great exploratory mathematics and
   science, and for solving a variety of tough problems. What if
   the cost weren't a factor? What if it could be ubiquitous,
   almost (but not quite) like the graphing calculators? How
   would having such a powerful tool change how and/or what math
   is taught? What would you like to do with such a tool?"

   Making Change
   Colleen King
   Students are given the sale price and the amount of money
   paid by a customer. They must calculate the amount of change
   due, then click and drag the fewest number of coins and bills
   to make change.

   Polar Function Grapher
   Amir Rashedi
   Graph functions in polar coordinate system. Type in a function
   and press Draw Graph. Particularly useful tool for analytic
   geometry. Rotate axis, change scale, and translate by using
   mouse or by entering data.

   Co-ordinate Game
   Birmingham Grid for Learning
   Eight games to use to practice identifying the coordinates
   of a given point.

   Equivalent Fractions
   Wayne Allen Bateman
   As the user drags one of the fractions to the ring, an
   animated visual display appears. If the fraction is equivalent,
   the display remains. If it is not, it disappears into the center.
   Click the "reset" button in the lower left corner of the activity
   to get a different set of fractions.

   Times tables
   BBC: Skillwise
   The Times Table module can be used as a starting point for
   learning a particular table; a reinforcement of number patterns
   and tables already covered; and practicing knowledge of tables.
   Linked resources include a factsheet, game, quiz, and worksheet.

   Markus Hohenwarter
   GeoGebra lets you build dynamic constructions from the usual
   geometric objects -- points, vectors, segments, lines, and conic
   sections -- as well as directly from equations and coordinates.
   This free dynamic software application displays constructions
   in two windows: one that reveals the algebraic expression, and
   one that shows the corresponding geometric objects. GeoGebra
   handles variables for numbers, vectors, and points; finds
   derivatives and integrals of functions; and offers commands
   like Root and Extremum.

   LineUp with Math
   NASA: Ames Research Center
   LineUp with Math(TM) consists of six Problem Sets. Each enables
   students to explore and apply decision-making and proportional
   reasoning skills to resolve distance-rate-time conflicts in
   realistic air traffic control problems.

   Kare Jonsson
   Simplesim is suited for modelling of non-analytic relations in
   systems which are causal in the sense that different courses of
   events interact in a way that is difficult to see and understand.
   Simplesim has been developed to be a general simulation and is
   not limited to a specific application area.

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