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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MAY 5, 2007 - No. 51

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   Great Stella
   Robert Webb
   Great Stella allows you to view 3D polyhedra. Hundreds
   provided (Platonic, Archimedean, Kepler-Poinsot & all
   other uniform polyhedra, Johnson Solids, Stewart toroids,
   compounds, geodesics, etc.). Rotate in 3D, print nets to
   build your own paper polyhedron models. Put photos on faces.
   Create new polyhedra: stellation, faceting, zonohedra,
   dual-morphing, augmentation. Export to 3D formats. See it
   all in true 3D if you have red-blue glasses. Limited demo
   version is free. See also the more advanced Stella4D, and
   the basic version Small Stella.

   Alec McEachran
   Furbles are fun and engaging creatures for use on
   interactive whiteboards with students of all ages. They
   were originally designed for statistics, probability and
   logic to teach students about charts and diagrams. Their
   flexible structure also allows teachers to use them for
   number and geometry. There is a commercial version that
   requires payment to use, but also a freely available and
   functional demo version.

   Rational Number Project
   Cramer, K., Behr, M., Post, T., Lesh, R.
   The Rational Number Project (RNP) is a cooperative research
   and development project funded by the National Science
   Foundation. Project personnel have been investigating
   children's learning of fractions, ratios, decimals and
   proportionality since 1979. This book of fraction lessons
   is the product of several years of working with children in
   classrooms, and organizes instruction so students develop
   a deep, conceptual understanding for fractions.

   Graph Paper/Dot Paper/Lined Paper/Polar Plotting
   This website provides free, PDF-format graph paper, dot paper,
   lined paper, and polar graph paper.

   Does step size really equal speed?
   KT8 explains, "There is an assumption being made in this
   simulation that I don't agree with."

   Algebra I Teaching
   jlbmagic states, "I'm going to be teaching Algebra 1 for the
   first time next year. I'm confident that I can do it, since I
   have a conceptual frame of mind in teaching math. I can look
   at what the text presents and develop more conceptually based
   lessons, but if anyone knows of good sources, please share
   them with me."

   Graphing Calculators
   PamelaSkelly asks, "Are graphing calculators effective
   teaching tools?"

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