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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - NOVEMBER 5, 2007 - No. 57

  As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
  resource, comment on it, review it -- or start a new

  Tool: Two Less Than - PDA version
  Select the number that is "two less than" the highlighted

  Tool: Fractions - A Booster Activity
  This set of activities and support material links introduces
  concepts of fractions, and helps develop students'
  understanding of them.

  Tool: Measures
  This activity is intended to help students consolidate
  their understanding of different measures. The units of
  measurement used in the activity are: litres, millilitres,
  kilometres, metres, centimetres, grams and kilograms.

  Tool: Algebra Worksheets
  The Smartacus Corporation
  This collection of free worksheets provides practice in a
  variety of algebra topics, generating ten problems at a time
  for users to solve. Each worksheet is printable and comes
  with an answer key.

  Donna and Frederick Roberts offers free lessons and activities for students
  and teachers. The opening page connects viewers to
  content-rich areas on Geometer's Sketchpad, PowerPoint Games
  and Activities, Math and the Movies, Using the Graphing
  Calculator, and subject specific resources. All of these
  sections contain worksheets for teacher use and/or activities
  for students. The goal of this site is to offer materials
  that engage students and enrich teaching strategies.

  Times Table Grid
  iamtim states, "I have a time table related issue that I could
  use some input from yourself and any other teachers who teach
  at the same grade level."

  Order of Operations (BOMDAS)
  hemili adds to a discussion well underway, "...completely agree
  with rbednarski. We tend to reduce Algebra to a bunch of
  processes and mechanisms that students repeat without thinking
  why they work."

  Algebra Textbook Recommendation
  bee girl asks, "Please give me recommendations of what Algebra
  texts you feel would be most helpful for students in
  this situation."

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