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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - OCTOBER 5, 2007 - No. 56

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  Tool: Finding Your Way Around the TI-83+/84+ Graphing Calculator
  Donna Roberts
  This Graphing Calculator website contains hundreds of
  examples of how to best use the graphing calculator with
  specific classroom examples. Unlike using a manual, teachers
  and students can see how to use this tool with actual
  examples appropriate for their mathematical maturity level.
  This web reference was developed as a result of workshops
  given across New England and at the request of teachers
  and students.

  Tool: Alphabet Geometry - Angles
  Jamie Tubbs
  What can you learn about angles by looking at letters?
  Look at the letters V, K, and L and learn about acute,
  obtuse, and right angles. While there, take a look at the
  letter X and learn about vertical angles.

  Tool: Limits at Infinity
  Thomas S. Downey
  A Java applet that introduces limits at infinity. Includes
  a re-scalable presentation version with large fonts.

  Tool: Problem Solving with Multiplication
  BBC: Skillswise
  Practice problem solving with this module of multiplication
  word problems, fact sheets, and worksheets. The accompanying
  quiz offers several levels of difficulty.

  Tool: Multiples and Factors
  BBC: Skillswise
  Review knowledge of multiples and factors through practice
  worksheets, fact sheets, and a three-level quiz. A page
  for instructors gives UK curricular alignments and other
  useful web sites for teaching multiples and factors.

  Tool: Written Addition and Subtraction
  BBC: Skillswise
  This module can be used as a starting point for learning
  different methods of written addition and subtraction.
  Factsheets, worksheets, games, and a quiz review and check
  understanding. A "For Tutors" page gives alignments to U.K.
  standards and offers other web sites for more practice.

  Tool: Construct foci of a given ellipse. Math Open Reference
  John Page
  An interactive applet and associated web page that provide
  step-by-step instructions on how to find the foci of a given
  ellipse using a compass.

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