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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - AUGUST 31, 2007 - No. 55

  The MathMentor
  The Math Forum @ Drexel is offering the MathMentor, an
  online mentoring program that is designed to expand
  students' career aspirations and help them to develop
  interest in math, science and technology. Applications
  are currently being accepted.


  As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
  resource, comment on it, review it -- or start a new

  From physical to abstraction
  Shar1963 explains, "I see in my work with student the
  difficulty of translating a physical situation into its
  mathematical abtraction. I like the way this applet allows
  us to view the physical, though simplistic, while immediately
  showing the graphing abstraction. This shift is a very
  important one where most of my students struggle."

  Tool: Division Bingo
  Bingo is a well known game that can be a lot of fun. In the
  traditional game, the numbers are called out by the Bingo
  caller. This game is similar but the numbers are "called out"
  by answering the division number sentences correctly.

  Tool: Calculus Applets
  Tom Downey
  A set of web pages that provide interactive, graphical applets
  for learning/teaching calculus. Each page provides an applet,
  explorations to do with the applet, and a button to pop up the
  applet in a resizeable window (suitable for projecting on a
  screen for a class). The applets make use of the Webcompmath
  graphing library.

  Tool: Galton's Quincunx
  Duncan Keith
  Francis Galton was a pioneer in the study of heredity and
  statistics. His quincunx (a pattern of five dots, as on dice)
  is modeled in this Flash activity.

  Tool: Addition Table
  Wayne Allen Bateman
  The object of this game is to fill the whole addition table
  with the numbered tiles. Users can pick up and drag each tile
  to its correct cell with the mouse. If the cell in the table
  is clicked, its arithmetic expression is displayed below
  the table.

  Tool: Graphing Calculator Online
  Amir Rashedi
  Java program to graph functions, parametric curves, and
  equations in Cartesian or Polar coordinate systems. Specify
  domain for functions, rotate axis, change scale, and
  translate by using your mouse or by entering data.

  Tool: Rolling Two Dice: Distribution of the Sum
  Juha Puranen
  Visualize statistical phenomena using this tool to roll two
  dice. The distribution of the sum is displayed.

  Tool: Mr. Beneli's Website
  Ido Beneli
  This site contains 19 interactive flash tools that are at
  the Pre-Algebra to Algebra 1 level. Some of them are games.
  All of them provide immediate feedback. They are all visually
  appealing and easy to use without instruction. One of the
  games is similar to "Green Globs." There is also a very nice
  function machine that shows input and output and the rule
  very clearly.

  Tool: Math Games and Logical Games
  Hans Software Pvt Ltd.
  This site contains 7 games. One of the games, Algebra vs.
  The Cockroaches, leads students through graphing using slope
  and y-intercept through increasing difficult rounds. The
  Tsyanshidzi game has 2 realistic looking hands and you play
  the game of Nim against the computer. There are also games
  about divisibility, factors and coordinates on a plane.

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