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    MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JUNE 5, 2009 - No. 76


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Simple question...or not
Susan asks, "Is a constant function a linear function? I've
seen it argued both ways. Please weigh in!"

sudoku fractions edition
DanielAjoy announces, "I want to share the Sudoku fractions
puzzles that I developed over the past couple of weeks."

Activity: Estimating the Size of Fractions by Using Benchmarks
Victoria Miles
This activity helps students to understand when to round
fractions to 0, 1/2 or 1. By sliding a lever, students create
visual models to represent fractions. Students decide whether
the fractions are closest in size to 0, 1/2, or 1. Students
then look for patterns and come up with a rule of rounding
fractions to benchmark values of 0, 1/2 or 1. Extension problems
involving mixed numbers follow the interactive exploration.

Tool: Multiplying and Dividing Signed Numbers
a Quia web subscriber
Play a concentration or memory style game using the rules for
multiplying and dividing integers.

Tool: Long multiplication
Alexander Bogomolny
A Java applet presents multiplication of two numbers in a
standard, long form. Options include displaying and removing
trailing zeros and skipping a product by a zero digit. Both
numbers are easily modifiable. The applet demonstrates
multiplication in various bases.

Tool: Product of Simple Fractions
Alexander Bogomolny
This is a Java applet that shows two simple fractions and
their product, all three graphically illustrated. The two
factors are easily modifiable by clicking on the numerators
and/or denominators. The applet also features a Simplify
button, which rewrites fractions in lowest terms.

Tool: Online Grapher
Franz Embacher, Petra Oberhuemer, University of Vienna
This Java applet can be used to graph functions using
function notation. It allows zooming and rescaling.

Tool: Fair Division: Method of Lone Divider
Alexander Bogomolny
An interactive tool for the study and implementation of
the Lone Divider method, in which one player divides the
goods into pieces and each player states which piece they
would accept as a fair share. The tool allows for setting
up the choosers' preferences and suggests a possible fair
division of goods based on such a setup.


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