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      MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - APRIL 12, 2010 - No. 86

***Can You KenKen with the Math Forum at NCTM?
Visit KenKen @ The Math Forum to learn more about this exciting
partnership. You'll find lots of KenKen puzzles you can print
out or use with students online, as well as lesson plans and
activity ideas for using KenKen puzzles as a natural way to get
students thinking, talking, writing, and doing math. Be sure to 
stop by the booth to solve some KenKen puzzles with us, and have 
the chance to win great prizes from Nextoy and the Math Forum.

***NCTM Meet and Greet: Drexel Online Master's Degree
Learn more about Drexel University's Online Master's Degree in
Mathematics Learning and Teaching at the upcoming NCTM
conference, in the Exhibit Hall, booth 337.
 - Thursday, April 22 at 2:30 PM
 - Friday, April 23 at 10:00 AM
Join Dr. Jason Silverman, Program Director of the Mathematics
Learning and Teaching program, for an overview of our
innovative online master's degree and certificate programs.
These programs bring together the best of the Math Forum's 20
years of experience in online mathematics education and teacher
preparation with the expertise of Drexel's nationally ranked
School of Education, a leading provider of online teacher
professional development.


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

Tool: Plop It
The Concord Consortium
See how changing the data in a set affects its mean, median,
and mode. Modifying an original creation of The Shodor
Education Foundation, this Concord Consortium tool lets you
add and delete data graphically.

Tool: Mental Division
BBC: Skillswise
The Mental Division module can be used as a starting point for 
learning different methods of mental division. Linked resources 
include factsheets, games (fridge magnet and conveyor belt games),
quizzes, and worksheets.

Tool: Negative Numbers
BBC: Skillswise
Use these factsheets, worksheets, and game to review and practice 
negative numbers in practical contexts.

Activity: Comparing Measures with the Proportioner
The Concord Consortium
In these activities, you'll predict and compare various dimensions 
of objects on a theatre stage, using the Proportioner tool.

Activity: Building Data Sets
The Concord Consortium
In this activity, you will order and characterize data using measures 
such as mean, median, and mode. You'll use the Plop It! tool to build 
your own data sets to satisfy specific criteria and describe 
relationships among the elements.

Activity: Solving Linear Equations with the Function Analyzer
The Concord Consortium
These activities use the Function Analyzer tool to reveal the 
connection between symbolic and graphic representations in equation 
solving. The document includes a series of exercises for single 
equations and a series for simultaneous equations.


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