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    MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - December 13, 2010 - No. 93

***Holiday Shopping with the Math Forum
Shopping online with or Target this holiday season? 
Start at, and with one small initial step, you can 
help sustain the Math Forum.

***Online Courses in January
Four Math Forum professional development courses begin next month:
- Problem Solving Strategies 
- PoW Class Membership: Resources & Strategies for 
   Effective Implementation 
- Problem Solving in Geometry and Measurement 
- Differentiated Math Instruction: Using Rich Problems to 
   Reach All Learners

***Addition to Math Tools Course List
Financial Education has recently been added as a course to 
Math Tools. The topics listed include:
- Credit and Debt
- Financial Planning and Money Management
- Financial Responsibility and Decision Making
- Income and Careers
- Risk Management and Insurance
- Saving and Investing
As you browse these topics and their sub-topics, please
consider submitting any technology resources that you
have successfully used with your students:


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

Language arts and reading / math
Ginny M asks, "I just got an ActivLearning board. Do you have 
a section on your site that has interactive capability?"

Math Formula Editor for Blog?
DavidB announces, "My blog seems to be evolving from a general 
interest random-thought blog into a support blog for my math 
tools website."

Technology PoW: How Many Cubes?
Stephen Weimar
Given the front view and side view of an arrangement of cubes,
students are asked for the largest number of cubes that could
have been used to make the arrangement, as well as the smallest 
number possible. A link to Space Blocks, a Java applet from the
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, is provided to help
students think about the possible arrangements. NOTE: A free
login is required. Sign up using the link on the login page, or
use your existing KenKen or Problems of the Week login.

Activity: Consumer Economics in Algebra
Craig Russell and Sue Plisch
Explore retirement issues and consumer credit with this activity, 
which involves online calculators, interviews, journaling, and
group presentations.

Tool: DataFerrett: For TheDataWeb
U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control
DataFerrett is a data mining and extraction tool that works 
with TheDataWeb, a network of online data libraries. Topics 
include economics, health, income and unemployment, 
population, labor, cancer, crime, transportation, family
dynamics, and more. DataFerrett enables the user to develop
and customize tables or create a chart or graph for a visual
presentation and turn it into a web page. 

Tool: Correlation / Regression
Bob Hall and Arlen Strader
Correlation and Regression offers a series of linked workspaces 
in which the student can enter data directly into a gridded 
scatterplot complete with user controlled scaling of the X and Y axes. 
Points placed on the scatterplot are automatically entered into a 
deviation-score summary table (separate applet) and values from the 
summary table are passed to a formulas applet that displays computations 
for means, standard deviations, covariance, correlation, slope, 
and intercept values

Tool: FractionCalc
Dana Proctor
The FractionCalc java Applet/Application is a calculator that may be 
used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on 
two given input fractions. The calculator not only gives the results 
of the operation, but also a graphical representation of the results.

Tool: Compound Interest Simulator
NCTM: Illuminations
This applet will allow you to investigate savings account earnings, 
credit card debt, and a stock market simulation.


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