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   MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - July 23, 2010 - No. 89

***Numeracy and Financial Literacy Summer Institute
The Math Forum invites teachers of 6th-12th grade mathematics 
to participate online.
Apply here by July 27:

***Math Forum Online Course
Moving Students from Arithmetic to step at a time
July 29 - August 13, 2010 (2 week intensive)
Registration closes at 5 pm ET on Tuesday, July 27, 2010.


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Tool: Broken Calculator
Duncan Keith
Eric's calculator has lost most of its keys. Can you find a 
way for the leftover keys to generate the target numbers?

Tool: Conic_Connections
Kent Thele
Manipulate a plane and double-napped cone to generate graphs 
and equations of conic sections. Eccentricity, foci, and 
directrices are also illustrated in both 2- and 3-D.

Tool: Integer Multiplication
Brainingcamp Interactive Math
Visual models show how integer multiplication can be thought of 
as repeated addition or subtraction. Investigate how the sign of 
the factors determines whether the product is positive or negative.

Tool: Counting Steps
Wayne Allen Bateman
Trace paths through this addition grid counting puzzle using 
exactly the number of steps shown on the point you choose.

Tool: Box Plot Lesson and Virtual Manipulative
Brainingcamp Interactive Math
The Box and Whisker Plot lesson includes visuals and audio 
narration. A virtual manipulative lets users enter and modify 
a data set and see the box plot update in real time. A question 
set can be used for basic assessment.

Tool: Diagonal Differences
Duncan Keith
This tool arranges the numbers 1 to 64 in an 8x8 grid, then 
outlines a 3x3 square within that grid. Multiply the diagonal 
corners, then take the difference of your results. Is that 
difference the same for any 3x3 square within this grid? What 
about different sizes of grid and square? Can you find a pattern?

Technology PoW: Beat the Odds?
Carol Speck
Can you beat the odds and always choose the right door?
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login page, or use your existing KenKen or Problems of the Week 


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