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    MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - June 21, 2010 - No. 88

***Math Forum Online Course Special
Now through June 30th, if you purchase a new membership 
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***Make It Real Learning (MIRL)
The Math Forum @ Drexel and Make It Real Learning (MIRL) have 
teamed up to provide you a discount on the engaging math 
activities in The Make It Real Learning Activity Library, 
Volume I. Now you can answer the student question, 
"When am I ever going to use this?"


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

Tool: Equivalent Fractions
Conceptua Math
Use this tool to help students build conceptual understanding 
of equivalent fractions by emphasizing how visual models 
represent equivalence. Students learn the value of multiplying 
a fraction with a value of 1. The concept is developed through 
the use of a variety of models that include pies, vertical bars, 
horizontal bars, areas, sets and number lines. Designed to work on 
an interactive white board.

Tool: Probability
Jim Reed
Generate experimental probability results using a choice of a 
die, dice, spinner, suits, cards, or coin. Compare the experimental 
probability results to the theoretical probability.

Tool: Comparing Fractions and Percentages
BBC: Skillswise
The aim of this module is to remind learners how to recognise 
equivalencies between common fractions and percentages, using 
factsheets, worksheets, an activity, a game, and a quiz at 
three levels of difficulty. For UK standards alignments, 
technical help, and further resources on the web, see the 
section "For Tutors."

Tool: The Random Ball-Picking Machine
Predict the likelihood that a colored ball gets randomly selected 
out of a bowl. Then pull a lever to pick a ball at random, keeping
track of which color comes out, and comparing the result with what
you expected.

Tool: Shapeology
Wayne Allen Bateman
A square is broken into a number of quadrilaterals. Reassemble 
the pieces into two-unit quadrilaterals, and then re-create 
the square from these.

Tool: Adding with Uncommon Denominators
Conceptua Math
Teachers can use this tool to help students understand the 
terms "common denominators" and "uncommon denominators." 
Students learn how to determine a common denominator for two 
given fractions with uncommon denominator by multiplying one 
or both by a fraction with a value of 1.

Support Material: Inverses
Wayne Allen Bateman
This interactive multimedia tutorial introduces reciprocals 
or inverses, and leads into dividing fractions.

Support Material: Factors, Primes, and Factorization
Wayne Allen Bateman
This interactive multimedia tutorial explores prime numbers 
and factors, without the use of division per se.


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