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     MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MARCH 29, 2010 - No. 85

***T^3 International Conference Handouts
View and download the Math Forum's booth and session handouts
from the recent Texas Instruments sponsored conference in 
Atlanta, Georgia.

***National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)
Visit us in San Diego, California, at the National Council of
Supervisors of Mathematics 42nd Annual Conference,
April 19-20, 2010. The Math Forum will have a Sponsor Table in
the Display Area, and we'll also be presenting sessions.

***National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Visit us in San Diego, California, at the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting, April 21-24, 2010. 
Stop by Booth 337 in the Exhibit Hall, and attend our sessions.


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Place Value Slider
Rod+1 announces, "The purpose of the application is to see 
what happens to a decimal number when divided or multiplied 
by 10 (or 100, 1000). Hope that you find it useful."

Geometer's Sketchpad
mindspark asks, "Can anyone guide me how to use geometer's 
sketchpad and [its] various applications in topics related to 
properties of circles, quadrilaterals, similar triangles etc."

Technology PoW: Building a House
Suzanne Alejandre
Use a Java applet from the Freudenthal Institute to 
help find the largest number of cubes and the smallest 
number of cubes to make the house pictured in the problem.

Technology PoW: Traffic Jam
Suzanne Alejandre
There are eleven stepping stones and ten people. On the 
five lefthand stones, facing the center, stand five of the 
people. The other five people stand on the five righthand 
stones, also facing the center. The center stone is not 
occupied. Find the fewest number of moves for the ten people 
to end up on the opposite side from where they started. 

Technology PoW: Counterfeit Coins
Claire Mead
Find the fewest number of weighings that will identify 
which of the nine coins is counterfeit. 

Tool: Linear Transformer
Seeing Math by the Concord Consortium
Highlight the meaning of each component of a linear function's 
symbolic expression with this tool that links symbolic and 
graphic representations of translating (dragging) a line 
vertically or horizontally, rotating it around a fixed point, 
or reflecting it around the x- or y-axis.

Tool: XP Math: Helicopter Shootdown - Tank Angle Measurement
T. L. Hui
In this game, students set the angle at which to fire, 
attempting to get "close enough" to the helicopter to 
shoot it down.

Tool: System Solver
Seeing Math by the Concord Consortium
Highlight how symbolic operations on a system of linear 
equations do (or do not) change the graphic or tabular 
representations of the system.


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