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     MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - October 26, 2010 - No. 92

***Math Forum Online Course
Moving Students from Arithmetic to step at a time
November 4 - December 15
Registration closes at 5 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, 
November 2, 2010.

***Make It Real Learning (MIRL)
The Math Forum @ Drexel and Make It Real Learning (MIRL) have 
teamed up to provide you a discount on the engaging math 
activities in The Make It Real Learning Activity Library, 
Volume I. Now you can answer the student question, 
"When am I ever going to use this?"

***eInstruction Contest -- submission deadline November 2!
Enter eInstruction's Global Classroom Makeover Video Contest to
win a Math Forum Problems of the Week School Membership and 
three (3) registrations to participate in our online course, 
PoW Class Membership: Resources & Strategies for Effective 
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This is just one of the prizes offered by eInstruction to 
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Deadline is Tuesday, November 2, 2010, at noon Eastern Time.
Finalists for each grade category will be announced on 
November 9, 2010. The winner for each grade category will be 
announced on or about December 9, 2010.


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CalcRef - free Android Calculus app
jeanhsu writes, "My husband and I just launched a free Calculus 
study guide app.... Any feedback/comments are very welcome."

Technology PoW: Traffic Jam
Suzanne Alejandre
There are eleven stepping stones and ten people. On the five 
lefthand stones, facing the center, stand five of the people. 
The other five people stand on the five righthand stones, also 
facing the center. The center stone is not occupied. Find the 
fewest number of moves for the ten people to end up on the opposite 
side from where they started. A link to a Java applet is provided 
for students to try the idea with fewer people. NOTE: A free login 
is required. Sign up using the link on the login page, or use your 
existing KenKen or Problems of the Week login.

Tool: Unitizing with Pattern Blocks
Conceptua Math
Teachers work with students using this tool to help them develop 
fraction sense by arranging pattern blocks to explore unitizing. 
This tool helps students to first identify the whole and then the 
fractional amounts of each color represented in a given design 
created using pattern blocks.

Tool: Ordering on a Number Line
Conceptua Math
Teachers can use this tool to help students build conceptual 
understanding of the value of fractions by placing numbers, visual 
models, and decimals on a number line. Strategies such as using 
benchmark numbers, linking fractions to decimals and adding tick 
marks to the number line help students compare and order fractions 
with and without common denominators. Students learn that every 
fraction and decimal describes a specific value.

Tool: Correlation / Regression
Bob Hall and Arlen Strader
Correlation and Regression offers a series of linked workspaces 
in which the student can enter data directly into a grided 
scatterplot complete with user controlled scaling of the X and Y axes. 
Points placed on the scatterplot are automatically entered into a 
deviation-score summary table (separate applet) and values from the 
summary table are passed to a formulas applet that displays computations 
for means, standard deviations, covariance, correlation, slope, 
and intercept values.

Tool: Area and Perimeter - PDA version
This activity is designed to support the understanding of 
perimeter and area, and to run on PDAs.

Tool: Median and Quartiles
Duncan Keith
Investigate averages with this height graph: line the people up 
by height, mark the quartiles, and use the yellow boxes to read 
off the heights for lower and upper quartiles, and the median.

Tool: Higher or Lower?
Duncan Keith
Use your knowledge of probability to bet on whether the next card 
is higher or lower than the last one.


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