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    MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - September 17, 2010 - No. 91

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Three trig functions added!
JohnPage informs us, "I just saw the review of this tool and 
noted the comment that the trig functions sec, csc and cot 
were missing. In response to that I went ahead and added them."

Technology PoW: Math at the Snack Bar
Suzanne Alejandre; applet by Alexander Bogomolny
See how the distributive property can help visualize shopping 
NOTE: A free login is required. Sign up using the link on the 
login page, or with your existing KenKen or Problems of the 
Week login.

Technology PoW: Runners
Claire Mead
Tell how a runner's step size predicts the time it takes to run 
from the building to the tree. A link to a Java applet from 
NCTM's Electronic Examples, Principles and Standards for School 
Mathematics is provided to help students think about the problem. 
NOTE: A free login is required. Sign up using the link on the 
login page, or with your existing KenKen or Problems of the Week 

Tool: Interactive Circle
Jamie Tubbs
Use the interactive circle to create a radius, diameter, tangent,
chord, sector, inscribed angle, central angle, segment, arc, 
semicircle, or intersecting chords. Designed for projection on 
an interactive whiteboard.

Tool: Guess My Number 1-100
A guessing game to find out what number the computer is thinking 
of. The activity can be used to develop number recognition and 
sequencing up to 100.

Tool: Difference between Two Times
Practice calculating how long a bus trip takes from its 
timetable, and other differences between two times.

Tool: Decimals Whiteboard Teacher Pack
Jamie Tubbs
Teach your students the basics of decimals with this set of 
interactive whiteboard mini-movies. Use the animations to 
represent commonly used decimals like tenths and hundredths; 
generate equivalent forms of decimals; and compare and order 
decimals. The animations are free, but available for purchase 
are a teacher's guide and printable worksheets.

Tool: Panda Geometry Problem -- the traditional way
Faster-Than-Light Math!
This 3-D animated video walks through a conventional approach 
to solving a geometry problem. Log in to watch an alternate method.

Tool: Paycheck
Michael Backus
Students calculate net income and discover how much money they 
pay in taxes and for benefits in the process.


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