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     MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - December 26, 2011 - No. 104

***2012 Mathematics Game
The year game puzzle will be back to challenge students in 
grades 3-12 to write expressions for each of the counting numbers 
1 through 100, using the digits in the year 2012, standard 
operations, and grouping symbols. Students may start submitting 
solutions January 1, 2012; revisit the site after February 1, 2012, 
to see the first solutions.

***Holiday Shopping with the Math Forum
Shopping online with or Target this holiday season? 
Start at, and with one small initial step, you can 
help sustain the Math Forum.

***Math Forum Orientations
We recently opened three free, self-paced orientations to 
Math Forum services.


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

Tool: iPad Online Countdown Timer
Luis Perez
Online countdown stopwatch with a large display that makes it 
perfect for classrooms, presentations, and large audiences. 
There's nothing to download and it runs in the background, so 
you don't have to start over if you accidentally close it. 
It's optimized for the iPad but also works on Macs and PCs, 
as well as smart phones and tablets.

Tool: Sliding Blocks Puzzle Game
Kids Math Games Online
Completing the puzzle requires removing the red square from the 
puzzle area so think hard and come up with a good strategy.

Tool: DC Proof: An Aid to Teach the Methods of Proof
Dan Christensen
DC Proof is a PC-based educational software package. It is 
designed to facilitate students' transition to proof-based 
mathematics at the undergraduate or advanced high school levels. 
An interactive tutorial is included that introduces the standard 
methods of proof using examples and exercises.

Tool: 3d ploter
guska076 & asgraf
The program uses the HTML5 canvas (HTML5 canvas javascript API) 
and web workers. Mathematical calculations are performed using 
the web workers, and the results are drawn on the canvas surface. 
Application works best on Google Chrome.

Tool: Fun Shopping Game for Kids
Kids Math Games Online
Users read the shopping note and buy the items they are supposed 
to while remembering to spend as little money as possible. Buy 
various fruits, breads, drinks and snacks using the correct amount 
of money and see how many challenges can be completed.

Technology PoW: Balloon Booths
Roschelle, Drier, Gertler, Jackiw, and Alejandre
Pop a hot air balloon by scaling its size so that it fits through 
a narrow passage and hits a nail. NOTE: A free login is required.
Sign up using the link on the login page, or use your existing
KenKen or Problems of the Week login--see this page for details:


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