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   MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - January 21, 2011 - No. 94

***Incorporating Financial Education into the Math Classroom
Drawing on Math Forum resources and expertise, participants 
in this course will engage with problem solving, software, and 
technology tools as they explore financial education content 
and teaching strategies.

This course, organized into three 2-week modules on the 
BlackBoard course platform, runs February 3 - March 16. 
Assignments will be given with deadlines, but participation 
will be asynchronous.

Registration is free to the participants. This program is made 
possible by a generous grant from the FINRA Investor 
Education Foundation.


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

Activity: The Cost of Being Late
Julie Healy
The primary goal of this lesson is to understand that the costs 
associated with buying on credit and that making only minimum 
payments are problematic to long-term financial health. The 
secondary goal is to formulate a plan to extinguish the debt 
quicker. This lesson will help students see the real cost of 
purchasing an item when interest and fees are added to the 
purchase price. The scenario that will be used for this lesson 
is based on the first year of the life of a new credit card. 
The student handout describes the scenario and poses a series 
of questions based on the use of either the simulator or the 
spreadsheet application.

Tool: Rework Your Budget
Practical Money Skills for Life (VISA)
Knowing where your money goes is an eye-opening experience and 
an education in itself. This calculator will help you by 
tracking your expenses. Keep a log and jot down whatever you 
spend. In this way, you will be able to take control of your 
money and your current financial situation.

Tool: Algebra - Writing Expressions
BCC/Netmedia/Alan Williams
This is a short quiz to test students' knowledge of the rules 
used in formulating an algebraic expression.

Tool: Numbers & Letters Games
Duncan Keith
In the numbers game, the computer will select six numbers (from 
a given group of four large and twenty small numbers). Students 
must use those numbers and the four basic operations to make 
the target number. Use the timer for an added challenge. In the 
letters game, students are to make the longest word they can 
using the letters given. The anagrams game involves unscrambling 
a given word.

Tool: Student Loan Debt Calculator
Bankrate Inc.
The "Student loan debt calculator" applies two simple principles 
to paying off high-interest debt. 
1. Consolidate the existing student loans 
2. Use the extra cash every month to pay off other higher 
interest debt sooner
We apply the amount of payment savings you choose to the
nonstudent loan debt with the highest rate. When that balance is
paid in full, the balance with the next highest rate will be 
paid down. This continues until you have rolled through all of
the balances and the non-student loan debt is paid in full.
Click the "View Report" button for a detailed look at
the results.

Tool: Function Machines
Duncan Keith
Test yourself on basic function machines with these ten questions.

Technology PoW: Math at the Snack Bar
Suzanne Alejandre using applet by Alexander Bogomolny
Use an interactive applet for visual examples of the distributive 
property. NOTE: A free login is required. Sign up using the link 
on the login page, or use your existing KenKen or Problems of the 
Week login.


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