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      MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - May 9, 2011 - No. 97

Ever wondered what the Math Forum is all about? What makes us
passionate? What IGNITES us? Now you can find out! Max Ray,
Annie Fetter, and Steve Weimar spoke at Key Curriculum's Ignite
event at NCTM and the videos are now available.

***Gene Klotz
Gene Klotz, founder of the Math Forum, was honored with the
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Lifetime
Achievement Award for Distinguished Service to
Mathematics Education.

***Booth Handouts/Resources
Download handouts from our recent presentations and exhibits.
Don't miss this one!

***iPhone and iPad Apps
Check out the iPhone and iPad math apps we featured in
Indianapolis, including:
 KENKEN: Train Your Brain (lite and full versions)
 ThinkFun: Rush Hour (lite and full versions)
 ThinkFun: Solitaire (lite and full versions)


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

Tool: Math Visual Solver
John Linstrum
This open source Java software takes a basic algebra equation,
inequality, or expression, and solves, simplifies, or factors
it, displaying step-by-step explanations in an adjacent window
and highlighting affected terms along the way. Also try it to
simplify a numerical expression (without variables).

Tool: The Trajectory of a Cannonball
Paul Trow
Plot the trajectory of a cannonball for a given muzzle velocity
and angle of elevation.

Tool: WebGrapher
Tom Cooper
This page contains a graphing applet that can be used online or
downloaded. The applet can create dynamic graphs with sliders
that can be saved as web pages. Users can plot points, functions,
parametric functions, polygons, vectors and more. There are
examples from Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, and
Math for Teachers.

John Barth
Lessons, worksheets, online games, and quizzes for practicing
Roman numeral counting and arithmetic. Sections accessible from
the left sidebar include Making Roman Numerals, Learning Roman
Numerals, and Roman Numerals Resources.

Tool: Problems with the Trapezoid
Bill White
Problems are generated requiring the user to find the area or
length of one of the bases or the height of a trapezoid. The
interesting feature of this program is that it doesn't restrict
the problem to just finding the area of the trapezoid. The
unknown may be the area, but it also may be either base or the
height. This requires the person solving the problem to think
about how to use what they know to find that unknown value.

Alan Degener
Enter an algebraic equation and then solve it, step by
step -- manually: use the pull-down menu to describe steps as
combining like terms, distributing, expanding, factoring, adding
to both sides, subtracting from both sides, dividing both sides,
multiplying both sides, taking a root of both sides, or raising
both sides to a power. allows LaTeX
typesetting commands.

Calculus without calculus
LFS explains, "I want my (non-math) IT kids to do the cool
things from calculus but without having to know calculus."

Technology PoW: Math at the Snack Bar
Suzanne Alejandre using applet by Alexander Bogomolny
Use an interactive applet for visual examples of the
distributive property. NOTE: A free login is required. Sign
up using the link on the login page, or use your existing
KenKen or Problems of the Week login--see this page
for details:


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