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 MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - October 24, 2011 - No. 102

***Using Technology to Increase Conceptual Understanding in
   Algebra and Geometry

Check out Annie Fetter's blog, which links to her presentation
at the recent Association of Teachers of Mathematics of
Philadelphia and Vicinity (ATMOPAV) Mathematics & Technology
Conference. She and the participants explored interactive applets
that let students "notice and wonder," talk about mathematical
situations, and develop conceptual understandings of triangle
properties, linear equations, systems of equations, and
factoring trinomials.


McGraw-Hill has received over 300 entries for their "What Math
Means to Me" Art Contest. There is still a little time left before
Saturday, October 29, the scheduled end of the contest.

Put your students' artwork on the cover of McGraw-Hill's latest
math program, and your class could win nearly $15,000 in
classroom resources -- including a Full Problems of the Week
Membership with the Math Forum! To learn more about this new K-5
curriculum and inspire the artwork that your students might put on
its cover, visit:


As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing
conversation, or start a new discussion!

tPoW list - new feature
Suzanne announces, "You can see that between the tPoW name
and short description there is now a link in [brackets] noting
the course and topics and also that text hyperlinks to the
corresponding Math Tools page."

Tool: Numbers 123
Ventura Educational Systems
Numbers 123 is a way to introduce and reinforce basic number
concepts. For all the times you and your child have a minute
or two, this iPhone application is the perfect opportunity to
practice counting skills.

Tool: Wiser Calc
Chung-Jung Hu
Wiser Calc is a scientific calculator which provides an
intuitive user interface suitable for simple and complex
calculations. This calculator supports "natural display" input
style and other features such as browsing/editing calculation
history, saving/loading/emailing worksheets, simple swipe
gestures, variables, and more. Use the "User's Guide" link to
watch a YouTube demo video of the app.

Tool: My Algebra Book
Eric Kean
An online algebra book covering the language of algebra, linear
relationships, absolute value, quadratics, exponents, radical
relationships, polynomials, rational relationships, and more.

Tool: Algebra Concepts for iPad
Ventura Educational Systems
Algebra Concepts is an interactive learning system designed to
provide instruction in mathematics at the 7th grade enrichment
through adult levels. The instructional goals for Algebra Concepts
include the following objectives:
* To introduce the terminology and concepts related to algebra.
* To incrementally build an understanding of fundamental concepts
  by providing an easy-to-use format for exploring algebra.
* To support the development of a student's sense of confidence
  in his/her mathematical ability.

Tool: Payday Loan Calculator
Consumer Federation of America
How much does it cost to borrow money from a payday lender? Many
companies quote the cost of loans as the cost to borrow $100, such
as $15 per $100 or $20 per $100. Since the loan must be paid in a
week or two, consumers may not realize how much loans cost under
typical use.

Technology PoW: Galactic Exchange II
Steve Risberg, Suzanne Alejandre, Bill Slocum, Mark Chung,
  and Jody Underwood
By using the vending machine (Java applet) to buy food, determine
the relative values of the coins. NOTE: A free login is required.
Sign up using the link on the login page, or use your existing
KenKen or Problems of the Week login--see this page for details:


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