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MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - August 30, 2012 - No. 111

Mathlanding is designed with the elementary math 
specialist/coach/mentor and teacher in mind. Find 
resources here:
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Tool: Air Sketch Free
Qrayon LLC
Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard. Project live 
sketches to a local computer. The Free Edition of Air Sketch 
supports basic diagrams, but runs on the same engine as the 
Full Edition. You can use it to test the performance on your 
network before getting the Full Edition.

Tool: Math Cruncher
Features of Math Cruncher include,
* solving simple equations before they hit the ground
* solving the bonus equations to help yourself survive 
 in the game and reach the highest score.

Tool: GeoGebra Central
Guillermo Bautista
A collection of GeoGebra applets dating back to August, 2010: 
"Systems of Linear Equations," "The Angle Trisector," 
"Approximating Pi," "Area of a Trapezoid," "Four Leaf Petal," 
"Polygons with Equal Area," "Tracing the Derivative," 
"Paper Folding: Locating the Square Root of a Number on the 
Number Line," "van Aubel's Theorem," "Animation Using Bezier 
Curves," "Routh's Theorem," and more.

Tool: QuizCalc
Ventura Educational Systems
QuizCalc is a basic calculator for elementary age students 
with percent, square root, integer, power and memory 
( +, ? , C & R ) functions. Tap the Quiz button and 
QuizCalc becomes a math quiz generator providing students 
practice with math facts and concepts.

Tool: Hands-On Math Attribute Blocks
Hands-On Math Attribute Blocks provides an interactive 
learning environment for learning and enhancing mathematical 
concepts related to set theory, geometry, number theory, and 
logical thinking. Attribute Blocks offers 8 levels of 
difficulty. Younger learners will benefit from the settings 
where the challenge is to place blocks and determine the 
logical rules for which blocks are accepted and which blocks 
are rejected. For older students teachers may want to use 
some of the options where the challenge is to find a missing 
rule for a pattern or Venn diagram.

Tool: Equivalent Fractions
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading squares 
or circles, and match each fraction to its location on the 
number line. Check your work, and use the table feature to 
capture results and look for patterns. Got a particular 
value for which you'd like to make equivalent fractions? 
Use "Build Your Own" mode.

FREE Math Resource
barstow teacher announces, "NumberBender is a website that helps 
math teachers provide fun and dynamic presentations coupled with 
related worksheets for a more entertaining and effective 
math lecture."


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