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MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - December 30, 2012 - No. 115

The 2013 Year Game challenges students to write 
expressions for each of the counting numbers 1 through 
100, using the digits in the year 2013, standard 
operations, and grouping symbols. View the rules, 
worksheet, and manipulatives for 2013 now before 
submitting your own solutions starting January 1st, 
which we'll start displaying on February 1, 2013.

Our next professional development courses start soon:
 - Problem Solving Strategies
 - PoW Class Membership: Resources & Strategies for
    Effective Implementation
 - Mentor Your Own: Supporting Strong Development of
    Mathematical Practices
 - Learning from Student Work: Make the Most of Your
    PoW Membership


Using iPad apps in the classroom
Suzanne asks "Are you using math apps on iPads or other 
mobile devices with your students?"

Maple IDE - efficient development toolkit for Maple
HelenGolovina says, "Maple IDE is the only Eclipse based 
efficient development toolkit to rapidly build standout 
applications for Maple, one of the most powerful Computer 
Algebra Systems."

Tool: Geom-e-Twee
John Miller
This is the junior version of Geom-e-Tree. It enables the 
manipulation of geometric trees with two or three branches. 
Change the angle between branches and the common ratio. 
Selectable themes draw trees with uniform color, or 
different colors on successive levels. Shadows on some 
themes show overlapping branches. The app always scales the 
Twee to fit within the view, and has a "perfect reduction 
factor mode" that draws self-contacting trees (not 
over-lapping or stunted).

Tool: Data Games: Lunar Lander
KCP Technologies, U Mass-Amherst
Students develop their skills with polynomial and rational 
expressions to create formulas that evaluate lunar 
landings. [Access requires setting up a (free) login.]

Tool: Maple IDE (integrated development environment)
DigiArea, Inc.
This flexible development toolkit for Maple includes a code
editor with code folding, syntax coloring, code formatting 
and real-time error detection. Maple IDE also delivers 
features specific to developing Maple applications like 
advanced Maple Project, Outline views, code Templates, 
Running and Debugging tools and more.

Tool: Data Games: Cartweight
KCP Technologies, U Mass-Amherst
Students guess the total weight of a cart loaded with a 
given number of bricks. This requires them to interpret 
and apply data from the linear model. [Access requires 
setting up a (free) login.]

Tool: PolygonFlux
John Miller
PolygonFlux lets you experience the flow of energy inside 
a polygon by tracing the path of a point bouncing around 
inside a polygon of your choice, generating a pretty pattern.
You control the location of the "shooter" and its direction.
The path the point travels is displayed instantly, as
determined by the Law of Reflection: "The angle of reflection
is equal to the angle of incidence," meaning that the point
bounces off a side at the same angle it came in on, just like
a billiard ball deflects off a bumper on a pool table, or a 
light ray reflects off a mirror.

Tool: Data Games: Shuffleboard
KCP Technologies, U Mass-Amherst
Students try to push disks using varying amounts of force 
and earn higher scores when they land on a pad without 
falling off. They learn to interpret data from the linear 
model relating the distance to the amount of push. 
[Access requires setting up a (free) login.]

Tool: PolygonTrix
John Miller
Every school child has played with a pool ball on a 
rectangular table or a carom puck on a square board. What 
would change if the table were a triangle or a pentagon? 
PolygonTrix is a game that shows how tricky the dynamics 
can be inside a regular polygon of three to nine sides.

Tool: Data Games: Floyd's of Fargo
KCP Technologies, U Mass-Amherst
Students find the optimal price for an insurance company 
premium in this game by interpreting data and applying 
their understanding of linear and quadratic models. 
[Access requires setting up a (free) login.]


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