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   MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - February 28, 2012 - No. 106

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Tool: Buffon's Needle
Shodor: Project Interactivate
Students experiment with a simulation to get an approximation of Pi.

Tool: Midpoint Quadrilateral Notice/Wonder
Max Ray
Students write what they notice and wonder about a midpoint 
quadrilateral, and then use TI-Nspire technology to add auxiliary 
lines and justify their conjectures about the midpoint quadrilateral.

Tool: ClassTimer
Ventura Educational Systems
ClassTimer helps students visualize time and understand it as a 
fundamental concept that needs to be managed in order to be more 
productive. In addition to the digital time display, ClassTimer 
includes a bar graph style display so that young children can 
visualize the time remaining for a particular task.

Tool: Number Grid Level 5
Quincy Brown
Fifth level in a collection of five Number Grid activities. It 
displays a section of a matrix containing a set of consecutive 
whole numbers. A move from one number to the next within a row is 
a change of one; a move from one number to the next within a column 
is a change of ten. Level 5 uses three and four digit numbers.

Tool: Volume
BBC: Skillswise
This module is about finding out how to work out volumes, using 
factsheets, worksheets, and a quiz at three levels of difficulty.

Tool: Drawing Hyperbola
International Education Software: Manipula Math
Interactive page to draw hyperbolas.

Tool: Hands-On Math: Line Design
Ventura Educational Systems
Hands-On Math LineDesign is an interactive learning environment 
where students can explore and discover the fundamental ideas of 
geometry. Encourage students to explore, discuss their findings
and use math vocabulary while creating designs. Younger learners 
may use terms such as line, line segment, end point, intersection, 
rectangle, square, circle, and triangle. For older students, 
teachers may want to use some of the options available by tapping 
the grid icon. Based on the shape selected, either a rectangular or 
polar coordinate graphic system is displayed. 
Download the (free) Instructor's Guide:

Tool: NASA New Start Index Inflation Calculator
This is an inflation calculator for adjusting costs from one year to 
another using the NASA New Start Inflation Index. This inflation 
calculator is based on the inflation rate during the US Government 
Fiscal Year, which begins on October 1 and ends on September 30. 
This calculator computes inflation from 1959 to 2020.


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