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 MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - November 26, 2012 - No. 114

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Tool: Data Games: Markov
KCP Technologies and U Mass-Amherst
Students play Roshambo against the evil Dr. Markov. If 
they win, they can save a captive dog. Students can 
improve their odds of winning by analyzing data in a 
two-way frequency table and recognizing the patterns in 
Markov's actions. 
[Access requires setting up a (free) login.]

Tool: 5 Dice: Order of Operations Game
Justin Holladay
This app helps upper elementary and middle school students
enjoy practicing order of operations. The game encourages
students to use higher order thinking to solve the "target"
number by working backwards given the answer but not the
equation. Teachers are able to receive immediate feedback of
their students' progress through email.

Tool: How Much Pizza to Order?
Maurici Carbo
The program raises the problem from a hypothetical party 
where the guests ask for a specific fraction of pizza. 
Guests can only choose two types of pizza for each party. 
The program calls for the total amount of pizza to order. 
There is a video as support material. This activity was 
inspired by Cynthia Lanius's online activity, 
Who Wants Pizza?

Tool: Data Games: Proximity
KCP Technologies Inc. and U Mass-Amherst
Students shoot a ball and earn higher scores the closer 
they are to hitting a target. They can improve their 
scores by interpreting data from the linear model that 
relates the distance of the target to how hard they shoot. 
[Access requires setting up a (free) login.]

Tool: Place Value Chart
Ulrich Kortenkamp
This iPad/iPhone/iPod touch app provides an interactive 
place value chart. You can place tokens by touching the 
screen and move them around with your finger(s). Moving 
tokens between different places is only possible when moving 
from a higher to a lower place, or when enough supplementary 
tokens are available to be bundled. Removing tokens can be 
done by moving them to the top. The tool can be used either 
to demonstrate place value, or for self-exploring by 
students. One possible activity could be to find the 
fastest way to remove a certain number of tokens (say, 
3 hundreds, 8 tens and 7 ones).

Tool: OpenArithmetic
Gerd Wagner and the Ari team, built by a group of people at the Chair 
of Internet Technology, Brandenburg University of Technology, 
Germany, is dedicated to the idea of providing open educational 
resources for K-6 arithmetic on the web with the help of the 
new powerful capabilities of HTML5. Their goal is to support
the creation of interactive multi-media arithmetic contents that
are also accessible on mobile devices, especially on tablet PCs.

Tool: Learning to Reason
Nancy Rodgers
The author states, "When we reason within a logical framework, 
words must be manipulated according to the rules of the 
game...." Her site offers an opportunity to learn about the 
terms "not," "and," "or," "implies," "is equivalent to," 
"for all," and "for some"; logical reasoning and expressing 
it in writing; sets, relations, and more. Games consist of 
four auto-scoring Flash challenges in negation and 
equivalence. This site accompanies Rodgers' book by the 
same title.

Tool: Create your own Math Quiz
Use the menus and text boxes to create your own quizzes on 
addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division -- or 
browse from among a selection. Click the appropriate button 
to reveal answers, grade responses, or generate new problems.

Interactive 3D graph plotter
GraphPlotter announces, "Explore beautiful 3D graph plots in 
any browser, no flash:"

Launch of Data Games - free online web app
rgaston writes "KCP Technologies has launched a new website...
offering free access to Data Games. Data Games is a web 
application that embeds simple games in a data analysis 
environment. It is intended for use in mathematics classrooms 
grades 7 to 12."


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