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Math Tools Newsletter
November 25, 2013 - No. 126

Featured Resources
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Tool: Math Is Fun - Rod Pierce
A website for students of all ages to explore different math concepts 
that interest them, or to get some extra practice. The site is organized 
under the topics: Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Data, Measure, Puzzles, 
Games, Dictionary, and Worksheets. In addition there are links to a 
Teacher's Page, Feature of the Month, and more!

Tool: Algebra Balance Scales - Negatives - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Utah State University)
Solve simple linear equations using a balance beam representation. 
Coefficients and constants may be positive or negative.

Tool: Factorize - Shodor: Project Interactivate
Learn about factors through building rectangular arrays on a grid.

Tool: Making Change - Colleen King
Students are given the sale price and the amount of money paid 
by a customer. They must calculate the amount of change due, 
then click and drag the fewest number of coins and bills to 
make change.

Tool: Slope Slider - Shodor: Project Interactivate
This activity allows the user to use various controls to manipulate 
a linear function graphically.

Tool: Place Value Chart - Ulrich Kortenkamp
This iPad/iPhone/iPod touch app provides an interactive place 
value chart. You can place tokens by touching the screen and move 
them around with your finger(s). Moving tokens between different 
places is only possible when moving from a higher to a lower place, 
or when enough supplementary tokens are available to be bundled. 
Removing tokens can be done by moving them to the top. The tool 
can be used either to demonstrate place value, or for self-exploring 
by students. One possible activity could be to find the fastest way 
to remove a certain number of tokens (say, 3 hundreds, 8 tens 
and 7 ones).

Tool: Algebra Tiles - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Utah State University)
Visualize multiplying and factoring algebraic expressions using tiles.

Tool: Splash Math - Splash Math, Studypad INC
Splash Math offers lessons on number counting, addition, 
subtraction and others.

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