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Math Tools Newsletter
September 30, 2013 - No. 124
Reactions to the New Look of our Newsletter
Last month we started using a new format for our Math Tools Newsletter. 
We welcome your opinion - let us know what you think of our new format. 
Email us.

Our Book is Here!
Powerful Problem Solving: Activities for Sense-Making with the Mathematical 
Practices Our focus on sense-making and communication in our Problem 
Solving Activity Series is so important, we wrote a book about it! Authored 
by Max Ray, this book gathers what we've learned about helping students 
become proficient problem solvers, focused through the lens of the 
Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices. 

Companion Website
With the book's publication, we've unveiled an accompanying website. 
Whether you've purchased the book or not, watch our free YouTube clips 
of Max and the rest of the Forum team as we use the Problems of the 
Week (PoWs) and the many activities from Powerful Problem Solving.

Featured Resources
As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a resource, 
comment on it, review it -- join an existing conversation, or start 
a new discussion.


Desmos Graphing Calculator - Desmos 
Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore
 transformations, and more. 
Gold Coin Game - Laurel Pollard 
Divide the coins evenly between all the Leprechaun pots.
Apples and Oranges 1 Decimal - Maurici Carbó 
This application is a basic tool for learning algebra. Users try to solve 
a system of linear equations with two equations and two unknown 
variables. It is based on the same problem used in the free app Adding 
Apples and Oranges, where only integers are used. This new program 
now works externally with decimals. There is a video that can be used 
as support material showing Gauss-Jordan, graphic approach, two 
weighing scales, Cramer's rule, and inverse matrix.
Simple Calculator - Luis Perez 
A simple free online calculator. Perfect for cases where you don't need 
advanced features, like when you are doing simple math or working 
with a calculator for the first time.
Gemtactix - Time Tracer Limited 
Gemtactix is a free tactical and strategy board game based on arithmetic 
skills. It enables one to practice quick mental addition and to apply 
tactical thinking at the same time. Win the game by moving your craft 
around to capture enough of the opponents' gems to stop them from 
capturing your gems. The game ends when a player cannot capture 
anymore gems; the winner is the one with the most gems. There are 
three levels of play vs the Galactic Control Intelligence Unit. After a set 
number of wins in each level, one gains an achievement award as proof 
of ones' skills. 

Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan: Numberbender 2.0 - Peter Esperanza 
This is a website that contains worksheets presentations and video 
tutorials on algebra 1, algebra 2, precalculus (trigonometry), AP Calculus, 
and AP Statistics.

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