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Math Tools Newsletter
February 28, 2014 - No. 129
Philadelphia Engineering / Math Challenge
The Philadelphia Engineering and Math Challenge brings together public high school
students and their math teachers to design creative solutions to engineering challenges,
create short videos that model math questions about the real world, present written
and oral responses to open-ended mathematics problems, and compete head-to-head 
in a math quiz bowl. Linked from the website find a variety of the resources which
may provide ideas for local events you are planning to hold.

Featured Resources
As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate 
a resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing 
conversation, or start a new discussion.

Arranging Cubes - Jeff LeMieux
Enter how many cubes you want to arrange as rectangular prisms, and this JavaScript
computes all possible dimensions and surface areas.

Counting Using Money - BCC/Netmedia
Designed to assess or reinforce children's understanding of number sequence and 
counting to 10, this activity can also introduce addition by using coins to support
the counting activity.

Permutations - Jeff LeMieux
This script calculates the number of ordered groupings of a set, or permutations,
for the amounts you enter as the number of possible choices and numbers chosen.

The Product Game - NCTM: Illuminations
The Product Game is a fun interactive game that exercises the users' skills with
factors and multiples.

Geometric Sequences - Jeff LeMieux
Shows how to use the formula for determining a specific term in a geometric sequence.
A geometric sequence is created by multiplying or dividing the starting term by 
a specific value.

Fun and Sun Rent-a-Car--Java Version - Cynthia Lanius
The Green family is planning a one-week vacation in Florida and needs to rent a 
car while there. They must decide which of four rental plans to choose. Students
construct graphs to see which plan is better for different amounts of mileage. 
Extensions of the problem and notes for the teacher are included.

Proportion Problem Generator - Jeff LeMieux
In these randomly generated proportion problems, find n from the given ratios of
cats and dogs, gizmos and dirt-clods, feathers and more.

Limit sin(x) /x - International Education Software (IES)
Change the length of one side of a triangle to investigate the limit of sin(x)/x as x goes to 0.

Use Triangle Sides to Find Angles - Jeff LeMieux
Enter triangle side lengths to find the 3 angles of a triangle.

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