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Math Tools Newsletter
January 30, 2014 - No. 128


The 2014 Year Game challenges students to write expressions 
for each of the counting numbers 1 through 100, using the 
digits in the year 2014, standard operations, and grouping 
symbols. Starting January 1st many students have been 
submitting their solutions. On February 1 those solutions 
will be revealed ... but ... we will continue accepting more!

Featured Resources
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a resource, comment on it, review it -- join an existing 
conversation, or start a new discussion.

Story: Number Line Jumps Story - Chris Taranta
A teacher explains how he used the SMART Notebook: 
Number Line Jumps file to help his students understand 
why the rule "invert and multiply" works when 
dividing fractions.

Story: Classroom narrative: Frogs - Nathalie Sinclair
A story from the middle school classroom: the mathematical 
ideas and questions encountered by one group of students 
worked with the Frogs microworld.

Story: Great Green Globs Contest - Ihor Charischak
A story from the middle school classroom: Ihor describes 
how he scheduled a "contest" for students to show what they 
know about slopes and y-intercepts using the Green Globs 
software. He also provides links to student work and 
other resources.

Tool: 9 digits - Wendy Petti & Maurici Carbo
This is a puzzle with 9! possibilities and 336 solutions. The 
problem posed in 9 digits consists in the organization of 
the numbers 1 to 9 in a square of 3 * 3 to make the sum 
of the numbers of the first two rows equal to the bottom 
row. This app is aimed at reflecting on the addition and 
commutative property of addition.

Tool: SMART Notebook: Coordinate Geometry - Robert Dawson
Find the area and perimeter of a shape by using coordinate 
geometry. The pages that have a brown background are 
for teachers. This way a teacher can easily identify notes 
about pages. Notebook software activities to create, 
manipulate and save notes and electronic materials using 
SMART Notebook software (part of SMART Board software).

Support Material: Unizor - Creative Mind through Art of Mathematics - Zor Shekhtman
Whiteboard lectures for teenagers on algebra, trigonometry, 
vectors, matrices, combinatorics, probability, and statistics. 
Sign in for structured study, assignment functions, and more. 
The process presented on the Web site is aimed to develop 
your intellectual abilities which cannot be forgotten. Educational 
material on UNIZOR.COM is provided in two forms: video 
presentation and notes for each one. 

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