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Math Tools Newsletter
March 31, 2014 - No. 130

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)
Visit us in New Orleans, LA, at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics 46th Annual Conference,
April 7-9, 2014. Visit Booth 313 in the Display Area; we'll also be presenting sessions.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Visit us in New Orleans, LA, at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting,
April 10-12, 2014. Stop by Booth 1711 in the Exhibit Hall, and attend our sessions.

Ignite talks return, too -- this year, as a joint collaboration between the Math Forum and NCSM. 
Wednesday afternoon at NCSM session 366, each of our featured speakers will show what makes 
them passionate mathematical educators, as 20 PowerPoint slides auto-advance every 
15 seconds ... whether they are ready or not!
* Christopher Danielson
* Rafranz Davis
* Sadie Estrella
* Annie Fetter
* Linda Fulmore
* Lani Horn
* Justin Lanier
* Steve Leinwand
* Harshil Parikh
* Max Ray

New to Ignite's five minute-long format? Check out videos of our breathless, impassioned 
talks from conferences past:

Featured Resources
As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a resource, comment on it, review
it -- join an existing conversation, or start a new discussion.

Tool: Place Value Mathlets - Dave Posner
A collection of animated JavaScript applets for explaining the concept of place value and 
base 10 counting. The collection includes 
Grouping by Tens, Grouping Tens and Hundreds, Tokens for Groups, Counting Powers of 10, 
Uniform Tokens and Base-10 Clock.

Tool: GCF/LCM Calculator - Modified by Jeff LeMieux
This script takes several numbers and calculates their greatest common factor and least 
common multiple. This script is a visual modification of the original by Winston Smith (noted on page).

Tool: Area of a Circle Calculator - MathVine
This is a calculator for area of a circle, which allows students to enter the radius or diameter. 
It then shows the solution steps to solve the entered problem.

Tool: Base 10 Addition Mathlets - Dave Posner
The idea for the one, two, and three place addition mathlets is to show the steps in the base 
ten addition procedure in conjunction with a model. Each time the mathlet is run (by clicking 
the "New" button) a randomly generated problem is presented in both forms. Each click of the 
addition button shows one "step", i.e. for one place value, in the process. So the first click shows 
the one's place addition with a possible carry. The second show the ten's place addition, if any, 
and the third click, if necessary, shows the hundred's place addition, and the fourth click, 
if required, adds the thousands. Between steps the addition button changes color to indicate 
it is ready for the next step.

Featured Discussions

MathMod the mathematical modeler: making the difference
nextstep says, "Just to say that I'm working a a new mathematical software, MathMod, and it's
available for download...."

Educational Math Games
snezana90 announces, "Since lots of kids nowadays spend much time playing games, my team and I have
decided to mix up pleasure, fun and knowledge and design some math games."

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