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Research on the Uses of Technology
in Math Education

The Math Tools Research space is an area for dialogue on the connections between research and practice in mathematics teaching and learning, especially as it pertains to math tools. The goal is to build a more connected community of mathematics teachers, researchers, and curriculum and software developers, by promoting dialogue among these groups.

Each month there will be a brief summary of a publication in educational research. The summary will be a brief overview of key ideas. Then, there will be a few questions posed for discussion. As much as possible, the publications chosen will be available on the Web. View our summaries:

I. Scientific Research in Education
II. Understanding Graphs
III. Action Research and Communities of Practice
IV. Action Research — an Example
V. Math Tools Research Area Discussion Article

This area of the Math Tools site is moderated by George Reese

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Caveat: The report summaries are intended to provide a brief overview to promote dialogue. They do not replace abstracts or executive summaries, nor are they intended to be a review or critique.