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Tool: Properties of Exponents
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Description: Flash tutorial introducing the properties of exponents: product of two powers, power of a power, power of a product, power of a quotient, and quotient of two powers (including adding and subtracting exponents).

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Technology Type: Flash 
the Smartacus Corporation
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Math 7 Exponents
Algebra Basic Rules

Comment:The fee to access the entire site does not make it very useful in most classroom or even tutoring settings. This particular applet just showed the results and not how and why that was the result. The cost is the big negative factor.
Comment:It costs money to access the program so not a valuable tool in the school setting.
Comment:This might be useful to use when tutoring an individual or maybe a small group. It could be used to help review the rules of exponents. It doesn't really address the why or how the rules necessarily work.
  Rudy Lopes
Comment:Actually none of the resources on this site have any fees or registration requirements whatsoever.