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Tool: Quantitative Environmental Literacy Project
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Description: Lots of real-world data, with descriptions of environmental and mathematical implications; stored in a variety of formats for easy download. Catalogued by mathematical topic and by environmental topic.
Technology Type: Computer 
Author: Seattle Central College
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Algebra Analyzing Linear Data, Is It Linear?, Line of Best Fit, Quadratic Equations, Graphing, Applications, Exponential Functions, Growth, Decay, Graphing
Algebra II Graphing, Curve of Best Fit, Applications, Growth and decay applications, Graphing, Curve of Best Fit, Graphing, Curve of Best Fit, Applications
Probability & Statistics Data and Distributions, Displaying with Graphs, Scatterplots, Correlation, Least-Squares Regression, Non-Linear Relationships, Correlation & Regression, Categorical Data Relations

Teacher Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: Craig, Jun 14 2005 09:25:10:843AM
What did students learn? Students learned data analysis and curve fitting (mathematics), plus some environmental science.
Recommended for: Algebra: Analyzing Linear Data
Algebra II: Parent Functions, Transformations of functions, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions
PreCalculus: Functions, Operations with Logs
Probability & Statistics: Data and Distributions, Inference
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Comment:A vast amount of REAL data illustrating a variety of trends. Excellent source to introduce students to scatter in data and for the discussion of goodness of fit.