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Tool: Hands-On Math Number Sense
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Description: Hands-On Math: Interactive Number Sense creates a virtual math playground where students explore, investigate and discover mathematical concepts. When students are interacting with the Number Sense Playground colored number bars are used to represent whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Students can develop ordering and comparing whole numbers, decimals and fractions; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, fractions and decimals; locating whole numbers, fractions or decimals on a number line.
Technology Type: iPad 
Guide: User's Guide   [PDF] (opens a new window)
Author: Ventura Educational Systems
Language: English 
Cost: Requires payment for use

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Courses: Pre-Kindergarten Operations with numbers
Kindergarten Operations with numbers, Counting, Ordering numbers
Math 1 Operations with numbers, Counting, Ordering numbers, Fractions
Math 2 Operations with numbers, Ordering numbers, Fractions
Math 3 Operations with numbers, Comparing & ordering, Adding decimals, Subtracting decimals
Math 4 Operations with numbers, Fractions

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