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Tool: Addition Facts
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Addition Facts is designed to help elementary students develop basic arithmetic skills. The product includes Addition Flash Cards to help encourage recognition and recall of addition facts. When using the Addition Flash Cards, two sets of objects appear on the screen and dissolve into a card labeled with the sum. The child controls the pace of the learning experience by either swiping or tapping to move to the next flash card. Shake the iPhone to randomly select another card.

This product includes Addition Practice, which is an interactive game where the child touches a button that is labeled with the correct answer to an addition problem. When the correct button is touched, a star appears on the screen. The object of this activity is to get 10 stars. Just for fun, Rhythm Band creates an entertaining musical instrument on your iPhone, where different sound effects or notes are produced as the color buttons are tapped.

Technology Type: iPhone 
Author: Ventura Educational Systems
Language: English 
Cost: Requires payment for use

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