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Tool: Building Houses with Side Views
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Description: This provides a visualization challenge. Front, right, and top views, and the number of blocks used, are shown; user constructs a block figure (dynamic, perspective drawing) to match (10 different figures to match).
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: Freudenthal Institute
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Technology PoW: Building a House
Tool: Building Houses
Courses: Math 6 Perspective (3-D in 2-D)
Math 7 Perspective (3-D in 2-D)
Geometry 2D pictures of 3D solids, Modeling and applications

Teacher Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: biker, Jan 10 2006 02:53:59:153PM
What did students learn? Students learned how to visualize and conceptualize 3D geometric configurations.
Recommended for: Math 7: Geometry in the plane, Geometry in space
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Comment:Very interesting tool! The students find it very exciting, even though they have a hard time understanding why the solid defying gravity work and are allowed.
Comment:its fun, very more blocks.
Comment:A fun way to reinforce students' ability to visualize three dimensions from two-dimensional images.
Comment:Cool tool and lots of fun; I will definitely include this tool in my box (I do agree with gatita about gravity! A line in the instructions that blocks do not have to be built on blocks would be good.)
Comment:sharpens problem solving skills; encourages visualizing problem solutions
Comment:Very engaging.
Comment:I enjoyed this activity. I think it may be difficult for the students to conceptulize the idea at first, but eventually they will enjoy the lesson.
Comment:Such fun! And what a great way for kids to learn top, front, side views! I will show this on my promethian board and have students work in groups, using actual blocks. We'll check the solution with the active board.