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Tool: Graphing Calculator (formerly NuCalc)
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Description: A very powerful graphing program that is also especially easy to use. You can graph functions in two or more dimensions using different kinds of coordinates. You can make animations and save as movies. You can save graphs as web pages. In addition the program includes means for solving equations numerically, graphically, or symbolically. Extensive documentation comes with the program. Demo versions for the Mac are free; paid versions exist for both Macs and PCs.
Technology Type: Computer 
Guide: User's Guide   [PDF] (opens a new window)
Authors: Ron Avitzur
Pacific Tech
Language: English 
Cost: Requires payment for use

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Courses: Trigonometry General, Graphs of Functions, Complex Numbers, Polar Coordinates, Vectors, Parametric Equations, Hyperbolic Functions, Coordinate Systems
PreCalculus General, Functions, Graphing, Conic Sections, Complex Numbers
Calculus General, Functions, Graphs, and Limits, Param., Polar, & Vector Fcns., Graphical & numerical, Derivative as a Function

Comment:I've used this with calculus students who seem to like and learn from it. Easy to use.

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