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Tool: Linear Algebra Toolkit
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Description: This takes all the arithmetic out of matrix problems. With this web site, the student types in their matrix, and then gives the computer the the row-echlon commands - no silly mistakes. This helps the student learn the concept with out being held down with calculations. It also has the ability to complety transform a matrix into rref while showing all the steps. A definite must see for any teacher.... It also works for inconsistent and dependent systems!
Technology Type: Computer 
Author: P. Bogacki
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Algebra II General, Solving systems of equations, Matrices
PreCalculus General, Linear Algebra, solving systems of linear equations, reduced row echelon form, Gauss-Jordan Method, determinants, operations with matrices, matrix inverses

Student Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: littlehopper8, Oct 28 2005 02:47:47:337PM
Appropriate for: introduction to a concept, practice of skills and understandings, applications of a concept or technique, advanced investigations
Ability to meet my goals: Effective
Recommended for: Algebra: Linear Equations, Linear Systems
Algebra II: Solving systems of equations
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Comment:Impressive free tool to take the drudgery of computation out of the linear algebra. It doesn't just do the computation for you either, it has a nice use of color to help instruct on how the computations are created.