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LOGOSPIN is a shareware program that works on PCs (Windows 3.1 and 95) Unlike any other LOGO program, LOGOSPIN has an extra command, spin, that makes lines and shapes move on screen. The speed of rotation is given along with the spin command - e.g: spin 3.

LOGOSPIN has a built in editor for creating procedures and can carry out all of the basic functions required by a school, but which other program lets you make working "ferris wheels" and "bicycles" with moving parts?

Download a free copy of the LOGOSPIN program from this webpage to use without restriction on your computer/computers or to distribute to families, children or other teachers. If you find the program useful or valuable, then you have the option to pay for a registered version that offers a load and save facility.

Technology Type: Computer 
Guide: User's Guide (opens a new window)
Author: Sidney D. Nolte
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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