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Tool: Desmos Graphing Calculator for iPad
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Description: Graph functions, evaluate equations, explore transformations, plot points, and more. Features include:
  • Graphing: Plot polar, cartesian, or parametric graphs. Thereís no limit to how many expressions you can graph at one time - and you donít need to enter expressions in y= form
  • Sliders: Adjust values interactively to build intuition.
  • Zooming: Scale the axes independently or at the same time with the pinch of two fingers, or edit the window size manually to get the perfect window.
  • Points of Interest: Touch a curve to show maximums, minimums, and points of intersection. Tap the gray points of interest to see their coordinates. Hold and drag along a curve to see the coordinates change under your finger.
  • Scientific Calculator: Just type in any equation you want to solve and Desmos will show you the answer. It can handle square roots, logs, absolute value, and more.
  • Inequalities: Plot cartesian and polar inequalities.
  • Examples: Pre-loaded with example graphs of lines, parabolas, trigonometric functions, conic sections, polar functions, transformations, and calculus topics
    Technology Type: iPad 
    Guide: User's Guide (opens a new window)
    Author: Desmos
    Language: English 
    Cost: Does not require payment for use

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    Tool: Desmos Graphing Calculator
    Courses: Math 6 General
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