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Tool: Rational Equations Visualizer
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Description: Explore how the parameters in a rational equation affect the graph of the equation. Dynamically change the parameters and immediately see how the graph changes. Undefined points are clearly visible. Try to change the parameters so the graph of the equation matches a given graph.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: Dennis Sullivan
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Algebra II Horizontal shift, Vertical shift, Vertical stretch / compression, Horizontal stretch / compression, Graphing, Vertical Asymptotes, Horizontal Asymptotes, Holes

Teacher Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: Larry Denton, Jan 5 2008 03:09:06:563AM
Appropriate for: introduction to a concept
Ability to meet my goals: Very Ineffective
Recommended for: Algebra: Rational Expressions
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Comment:Great discovery learning tool - easy to use! A very challenging tool for students to learn behavior.