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Tool: Limits with Tables
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Description: Download this Sketchpad file to investigate the concept of a limit numerically using tables. Students encounter a function that's undefined at a particular value of x, but whose limit exists at that value (a "point discontinuity"). They then use tables and animation to explore the function in the vicinity of the discontinuity. Then they use the same techniques to explore other types of discontinuities. For a more formal approach to limits, follow this activity with the next one in the series, Limits with Delta and Epsilon. These activities are part of a series of Sketchpad activities introducing the main topics of calculus.
Technology Type: Sketchpad 
Author: KCP Technologies Inc./Scott Steketee
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Activity: Sketchpad Activities for Introducing Calculus Topics
Courses: Calculus Intuitive understanding lims., Est. lims. w/ graphs or tables